Recherche 2 acteurs français - Royaume Uni (avec email contact)

Onatti is based in the UK. We are searching for 2 French actors (1 male and 1 female) - to tour schools in the UK. This new play is called Les Filles and is performed totally in French for English students who are learning French. The play has two actors, one male and one female. The main characters in Les Filles are teenagers so actors must look young. Rehearsals start 7th January, then touring until 28th March. We will provide flights and all accommodation and pay £400 (approximately €480) per week. The actors will arrive on 6th January. Actor must - speak French, have a driving licence and available for the whole tour. Performances are in Schools - every day Monday to Friday, 2 performances per day, no performances on Saturdays or Sundays. The actors will drive to the schools, set up, perform and pack away. Auditions in Paris in November. Please send your details by e-mail to Andrew. Onatti is a professional company since 1994. If you have your acting status in France you can keep this while you work in the UK for Onatti >> (préciser casting : LES FILLES) Type de contrat : Travail temporaire (Intérim) Adresse postale : Onatti Productions Ltd, The Old Chapel / GL15 4SB / Yorkley / Royaume Uni _______________ Cette information est partagée entre les membres du réseau Nawak. Son rédacteur a été informé de son partage. Merci de nous signaler tout abus à

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