Comédien ANGLO-SAXON NATIF pour un tournage

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Comédien(ne), age compris entre 18 et 80 ans
Friends comedians, extras, I'm looking for you.
For the next feature called "Ben Lyk" , directed by Erwan Marinopoulos (Templaton) and co produced by Gaspard De Chavagnac ("Versailles") for Picseyes production.
I am looking for all types of profiles (over 18 years), of all ethnic groups. Atypical profiles (Women and muscular men, tattoo and other physical characteristics are welcome (with great pleasure)
Two imperatives: be anglosaxon (native) and must be carried.
English, American, Australian you are welcome.
These two criteria are essential for us to validate your candidature.
Acting / Extras fees.
Date: To be available from October 30th to November 30th according to the roles that we will attribute to you.
For more informations, please contact Sandra