1 comédienne ET 1 comédien parlant anglais -20 à 30 ans.

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Comédien(ne), age compris entre 18 et 99 ans
Onatti is based in the UK. We are searching for 2 native French actors (1 male and 1 female: 20-30 years old) - to tour a play in French to schools in the UK.

The play is called LE CAFE and is performed totally in French for English students who are learning French. The play is a comical play will lots of humour.
The play is performed by two actors, one male and one female.
Rehearsals start 19th September 2016. Tour ends 13th December.

Onatti will provide ALL transport including transport from France to UK and ALL accommodation (not food) and pay £400 each week including the rehearsal week. Actors will arrive on 18th September.

Actors MUST - speak native French, have a driving licence and available for the whole tour. Performances are in Schools - every day Monday to Friday, 2 performances per day, no performances on Saturdays or Sundays. The actors will drive to the schools, set up, perform and pack away.
Auditions in PARIS in August.

Please send your details by e-mail (photos, resume, etc)  to Andrew AT :

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