English native speaker, actor-singer

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Homme, comédien, age compris entre 18 et 80 ans
CASTING ENGLISH ACTOR  For the role of KAY in 'KING ARTHUR & THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE'.  We are looking for a male actor any age 20 to 40, but you need to have a very good singing voice and be perfect in english. We are casting a long time in advance of the project because of the publicity.  Rehearsals are two weeks in december 2018 in Paris. The tour is in France around 25 dates over six week period january to 1st march 2019. Please send photo and cv with a voice clip of you singing & speacking if possible to my email address (Lucille O'FLANAGAN of Théâtre en Anglais) :   a******@nawak.com   I am seeing people thursday 12 and monday 16 april so the deadline to submit applications is wednesday 11 april.  More information on our work is available on our website  :  http://theatre.anglais.free.fr