Male Belgian Flemish actor (40 years old) to shoot in Italy 14-15/12/2017

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Homme, comédien, age compris entre 35 et 45 ans
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Hello from Lifelike SA!


We are now looking for:


A Male Belgian Flemish actor (40 years old) to shoot in Italy 14-15/12/2017 


Our company

Lifelike develops highly immersive simulations based on artificial intelligence and interactive cinema.
We believe the total and complete emotional engagement of the user is necessary to obtain effective training results.

Our simulations improve people’s automatic behaviors because they allow the user to gather experience from continuous and contextualized feedback in a highly realistic, unpredictable and dynamic simulation environment. Our simulators provide an immersive life-like environment where the user is invited to interact with a counterpart (a real actor) to achieve a specific, declared, target.


This project

We will have a new bundle of simulators to shoot this autumn for a Belgian client and we are looking for actors able to play in a really natural and realistic way. 

They need to act like real people in the real life, this is really important for us because it’s crucial for the product effectiveness.

During the days of the shooting we shoot different alternative stories so we need good talents capable of acting with different intentions, performing all the different real life “shades” even if the dialogue sometimes doesn’t change. 



These are our standard budgets, usage rights included:

  • 400,00 euro for one day of shooting,
  • 700,00 for two days (this will be the rate for this project)
  • 900,00 for three days


Agency fee: 10%

Payment are usually on 60 days EOM with direct invoice to the agency or, depends on local workers law, a receipt from the actor for his fee plus a separated invoice from the agency for agency fee.


Shooting details

The shooting will be in our studio in Northern Italy in Sulbiate (close to Milan): we use a green screen and we have a teleprompter. 

Actors need to bring their own clothes, we will provide for hair and make up.


We also directly provide and pay in advance for:

- lunches on the days of the shootings,

- hotel close to the studio for the nights of the stay (breakfast included),

- travel (low cost flights from Belgium to Milan A/R and train from the airport to the hotel A/R),


We don’t pay (because we considered included in the budget) for:

- Travel from/to the local airport in Belgium

- dinners during the stay in Italy




If you are available please send us a message to a****** and we will send you the script for the self-tapes.


Deadline for the submission: 17/11/17


Thank you