THE SHEN YUN ORCHESTRA recrute des musiciens à plein temps

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Musicien(ne) electronique (live show), musicien(ne), age compris entre 18 et 99 ans

The internationally renowned dance company SHEN YUN PERFORMING ARTS wishes to enlarge its orchestra, and is looking for musicians who would like to participate on a year-round basis (approx. 7 months in New York and a 5-month world tour).

The Shen Yun Orchestra website:

We are seeking the following: 

Oboe/Bassoon/Clarinet/Flute/Trumpet/French Horn/ Trombone/Bass trombone


The employment opportunities are open to professional musicians with a university degree, or soon-to-graduate qualified students.

Please send your résumé to Mr. Chan:


Information on the compulsory pieces and the audition date will be provided after your registration.

The local organiser of Shen Yun, the European Falun Dafa Association, is entrusted with the pre-qualification of the candidates by the Shen Yun Performing Arts Company. 

Contact :